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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Mobility programs


On this page you can find an overview of the various mobility programs. Banking and Finance and Management and Economics students can apply to all Economics and Business Administration partner universities. A complete overview of our partner universities can be found in our interactive world map.

Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP)

Under this program, over 150 spots are available to students of our Faculty at various partner universities within Europe. In order to receive scholarships, SEMP exchange students must complete a Learning agreement* in addition to the mandatory Credit-transfer agreement.

SEMP agreements

* The Learning Agreement is used solely for scholarship payment and must be submit directly via Mobility Online platform. The credit-transfer agreement, on the other hand, is processed by e-mail with the Dean's Office and does not run via Mobility Online.

University-wide Agreements

UZH offers exchange opportunities in and beyond Europe under its university-wide agreements. These offerings are open to students in all faculties of UZH. These agreements are administered by the Global Student Experience (GSE) Office.

University-wide agreements

Faculty Agreements

Faculty agreements are made by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics with faculties and universities outside Europe. These offerings are awarded exclusively to students at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics.

Faculty agreements (overview)

This international academic network of renowned Information Systems schools and universities is dedicated to promote worldwide student exchange and academic collaboration.


For more information about the network and exchange offerings to Informatics students please contact Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe (

Mobility within Switzerland

As a student at the University of Zurich, the mobility program provides you with the opportunity to also study at another university in Switzerland. There is little administration involved as you remain matriculated at the University of Zurich and pay your tuition fees here.

Mobility within Switzerland

Independently organized mobility

If your university of choice is not an exchange partner of UZH or our Faculty, study abroad can also be organized independently. In the first place, this process includes applying to the foreign university as well as clarifying whether credits will be transferred from coursework completed abroad.

Independently organized mobility

Weiterführende Informationen


Richard Müller-Winter
Mobility Office
Dean's Office

For questions regarding the univeristy-wide agreements: 
Global Student Experience UZH 


Contact for questions about credit transfer

Nicola Wenning
Credit Transfer
Dean's Office

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about an exchange semester abroad.