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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Credits from a Mobility Semester

You are planning to spend one or two semesters abroad and would like to clarify which of the credits you earn during this can be transferred to your studies.

Credit-transfer agreement and learning agreement

All mobility students at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics must conclude a credit-transfer agreement before starting their mobility semester. This is a binding agreement that specifies whether the credits from the individual modules are eligible for transfer.

For more detailed information on filling out the credit-transfer agreement, see below ("Clarification of eligibility for credit transfer"). You will find the forms you need for this in the Downloads area. This procedure applies to all agreements of the Faculty and the University, to independently organized mobility, and to the CH-Unimobil program (mobility within Switzerland).

SEMP (formerly ERASMUS) exchange students must also conclude a learning agreement. The learning agreement is an important factor in obtaining grants, but it does not have any bearing on the eligibility of transferring credits to your studies at our Faculty. 

Information on the learning agreement

Regarding transferring credits from a mobility semester, please first read the information in the regulations (framework ordinance and program regulations):


  • Prior review is necessary to have credits from modules appropriate to the level of studies transferred to the core elective and minor areas, and to the INF and OEC elective areas. Without a review of this kind (Credit-transfer agreement), it is only possible to transfer credits to the free elective area.
  • Failed attempts do not count, but appear on the transcript of records.
  • At least half of the ECTS credits required for the major study program must be completed at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at UZH.
  • Compulsory modules and written papers (or assignments) must be completed at the Faculty.
  • Transferring external seminars toward a core elective area is possible upon prior review and approval by means of the credit-transfer agreement.

The review can take up to four weeks.

Clarification of eligibility for credit transfer

Clarification is handled in a formalized and timely manner before the start of a mobility semester, through submission of a written credit-transfer agreement (see Downloads).


  • Think about the areas of your studies in which you still need to earn credits.
  • Consult the course catalogue of your host university to find out which courses are on offer and suit your needs.
  • Where possible, clarify whether you can be admitted to these courses.
  • The Downloads area below contains an overview as orientation of courses at other universities for which credit transfers have been permitted in previous years.

Filling out the credit-transfer agreement

  • Please submit the credit-transfer agreement via e-mail ( with the current course details in a timely manner (at the earliest after your nomination has been confirmed by the partner university) before the start of the mobility semester.

Supplementary agreement

  • You may still be affected by certain changes at your host university. You can use the supplementary agreement (see the Downloads area) to clarify these.
  • Additions or changes may be made up to four weeks following the start of courses at the host university.

Applying to transfer credits after your return

You will need to submit the official transcript of records from your host university to the Dean's Office.

If the official transcript of records from the host university has already been sent directly to the Dean's Office, this will automatically launch the credit transfer process.

You will then receive the definitive notification of credit transfer in writing from the examination delegate.

All coursework that is listed on the official transcript of records from the host university and that is eligible for credit transfer will actually be transferred and listed in the notification of credit transfer.

Please note, if you will not complete the mobility semester until shortly before you are due to obtain your degree, it is important to remember that the official transcript of records from the host university must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the registration deadline in the Student Portal.

Weiterführende Informationen


Nicola Wenning
Credit Transfer
Dean's Office

Transferring Credits under the New Regulations (RVO22)

It is possible to transfer credits earned during a mobility semester to the elective and core elective areas, both in the major program and in minor programs taken at the Faculty.

The compulsory program must be completed at UZH; it is not possible to transfer external credits in this case.

Attention: Students from other faculties who are taking a minor program at our Faculty may not transfer any credits earned during a mobility semester to the minor program at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics.