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Bachelor's Degree Programs

The Bachelor's program at our Faculty is based on a broad, basic academic education and, as a rule, consists of six semesters. The Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics or in Informatics allows you to start a career or to pursue further studies at the Master's level.

In addition to a Swiss Matura or equivalent university entry qualification, the basic prerequisites for studying at the Bachelor's level include a basic understanding of mathematics, an interest in analyzing and solving complex problems, an affinity for abstract thinking as well as for working systematically and methodically, and a command of English.

Great variety of study formats due to major and minor programs

The Bachelor's program at our Faculty is divided into a major and a minor program, which you can choose according to your strengths and interests.

At Bachelor's level, you can use the minor program as a means of supplementing and enhancing your study program, or to create an initial area of specialization. You have the choice of completing the minor study program either at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics or outside the Faculty.

Structure of Bachelor's program

The bachelor's degree programme at our faculty is divided into an assessment level and an advanced level: Regardless of the major program you choose, the two-semester assessment level teaches you basic knowledge in business and economics or in informatics, as well as in mathematics and statistics. Students who have completed the assessment level after a maximum of two years are admitted to the Bachelor's level.

The advanced level typically lasts four semesters. Having reached this level, you will have the opportunity to specialize by means of the core elective and elective courses you choose.


Major study programs (150 ECTS credits / 120 ECTS credits*)

Minor study programs for students from other faculties (30 or 60 ECTS credits)


What next?

Are you planning to take up a Bachelor's degree program at our Faculty? Here you will find the further procedure.

Next steps and main contact points


  • Application and admission: To study with us, you apply centrally at the University of Zurich.
    Application and admission
  • Changing program: You are already studying with us and have realized that you might like another study program even better.
    Changing program
  • Regulations: In the regulations you will find everything you need to know about studying here.
  • Questions about your studies: You are already studying with us and have specific questions. Our Student Advisory Service or the Dean's Office team will be happy to help you. 



For an overview: Bachelor flyer
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Overview of Bachelor's Study Programs
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