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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics


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Have you always wanted to know how politics and central banks influence economic growth, what strategies can be used to reduce unemployment, and what happens when inflation or interest rates go up?

By choosing a study program in Economics, you'll have come to the right place. Not only will you get to grips with the world of macroeconomics, but you will also learn how a company – and every single one of us – makes economic decisions, how supply and demand determine the price of a product, and how to put theories to the test using statistical methods.

You will have a great deal of personal freedom in how you design your course of study, allowing you to focus on individual areas of concentration even at Bachelor's level. What's more, the University of Zurich's excellent international links will give you the opportunity to participate in a variety of exchange programs.

Career prospects and further degree programs

The analytical and empirical knowledge acquired is in demand in, for example, consulting firms, financial management, economic media, central banks and in international organizations. In addition to directly entering the job market, the numerous trainee programs at large banks and insurance companies are also attractive to our graduates.

By completing a Bachelor's degree, you will also be qualified to undertake further study at Master's level.

Department of Economics 

Cornelius Hummel

Cornelius Hummel, Student Economics

"Studying Economics gives me the skills to understand complex interrelationships in our economy, society and politics. The diversity of the teaching is challenging, insightful, and uses current research to show how we can overcome global challenges."


Major Minor other

Economics is available as:

Major program (150 ECTS credits)

Can be combined with the following minor programs*:

Business and Economics


Banking and Finance Informatics
Business Administration Information Systems
Economics People-Oriented Computing
General Business and Economics  
*It is also possible to pursue minor programs offered by other UZH faculties: Select your degree program of choice in the online course catalogue and get an overview of all minor program combinations.

Minor program (30 ECTS credits)

Can be combined with the following major programs:

Business and Economics Informatics
Banking and Finance Computing and Economics
Business Administration Information Systems
Economics People-Oriented Computing
  Software Systems

Minor program for students from other faculties (30 or 60 ECTS credits)

This minor study program can be combined with a major study program in accordance with the provisions set out in your program.

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Application and admission

Changing program: Being a student at our Faculty, you have come to the conclusion that another study program might fit your interests even better.
Changing program

Regulations: You will find everything you need to know about your studies in the regulations.

Questions on your program of studies: You are pursuing studies at our Faculty and have specific questions? Our academic advisors or the Dean's Office are ready to help you.