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Software Systems

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Software as well as software-based systems have led to our world experiencing profound changes over the last 50 years. Software has become one of the key drivers of innovation. If you have an interest in all things technical and want to play an active part in helping change the world through software, the Bachelor's study program in Software Systems will equip you with the basic principles you need to know.

This program focuses on the question of how to develop software-based systems in a systematic, economically efficient way, as well as how to use them and keep them up to date. It looks at everything from small apps and web applications to data management systems and all the way through to super-scaled systems networked on many levels.

You will learn how to deal with every activity in a software life cycle systematically – from identifying requirements, to the design and structure of systems, through to implementation, use, and evolutionary development. You will also get to grips with databases, globally distributed systems, and network architectures.

Career prospects and further degree programs

Graduates of the major study program in Software Systems are in demand in both the software industry and in the IT departments of all kinds of companies, where they contribute to the design, development and evolution of software systems in the role of software engineer. This will enable you to tackle the challenges of distributed, mobile and adaptive systems, which communicate with each other from anywhere and at any time, and to work with large distributed databases.

By completing a Bachelor's degree, you will also be qualified to undertake further study at Master's level.

Department of Informatics 

Nimra Ahmed

Nimra Ahmed, Student Software Systems

"Technology is everywhere - in medicine, in our homes, and in our daily lives. The Informatics study program provides the perfect foundation to explore the many areas of informatics. It's also where I can combine my passion for programming with making a positive contribution to society."



Software Systems is available as:

Major program (150 ECTS credits)

Can be combined with the following minor programs*:

Business and Economics


Banking and Finance Computing and Economics
Business Administration Information Systems
Economics People-Oriented Computing

*It is also possible to pursue minor programs offered by other UZH faculties: Select your degree program of choice in the online course catalogue and get an overview of all minor program combinations.

Minor program (30 ECTS credits)

Can be combined with the following major programs:

Computing and Economics
Information Systems
People-Oriented Computing

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