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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Dean's Office


The Dean's Office provides central services for students and departments related to Faculty operations and supports the Faculty Council in performing its functions.

Dean's Office staff

Details on responsibilities and contact information of all team members of the Dean's Office can be found on the respective page.

Dean's Office staff

What we are responsible for

We are the first point of contact for students at the Faculty for most questions about academic issues.

  • Providing information for students and prospective students: You'll find most information here on the homepage or additionally in flyers and brochures or at informational events.
    General study information
  • Advising students: If you cannot find the answer to your question on the website, feel free to contact us by e-mail.
    Dean's Office responsibilities
  • Processing petitions: In close cooperation with the examination delegates, we process your petitions in compliance with regulations for issues such as dropping modules in the event of illness, transferring coursework and much more.
    Information about petitions
  • Administration of Faculty operations: From the first time you book a module, to personally registering for your thesis, to processing your degree and issuing your diploma, we are there behind the scenes, handling all administrative matters for you and ensuring that Faculty regulations are observed.

What we are not responsible for

  • Matriculation and semester enrollment: Students are registered at the University and not at the Faculty. For all questions about registering to study, please contact the UZH Student Administration Office.
    Student Administration Office and semester enrollment
  • Academic advising: If you have specific questions about planning your studies, please do not contact the Dean's Office but rather the academic advisor for the respective specializations.
    Student advisory services
  • Content of individual modules: For information on individual modules, you will find all relevant details in the course catalogue or on the course website indicated there. If you still have questions on the course content, please first contact the instructor. For any further questions or concerns, please turn to the module coordinator.
    Information on courses

Services for the Faculty and departments

  • Support of Faculty committee activities: The preparation and processing of Faculty committee activities as well as the support of the Dean in his or her activities is handled by the assistant to the dean.
  • Semester planning: The Dean's Office works closely with the departments and representatives of the specializations to plan the courses offered at the Faculty.
  • Faculty services: The Dean's Office provides central services in the areas of communication, internationalization as well as career advancement and business contacts for both students and departments.
  • Reporting: The Dean's Office regularly reports to the Faculty and UZH as well as to external accreditation organizations about its ongoing activities.