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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics


Modules are courses offered by lecturers in a certain semester. ECTS credits are earned by successfully completing modules.

Course catalogue

All information about modules offered in a certain semester is published in the online course catalogue of the University of Zurich:

Course catalogue UZH

Booking modules

Each module must be booked via the UZH online module booking tool within the indicated module booking period and can only be dropped within this time frame. The booking also serves as the registration for the examination for this module.

Information on booking modules

Tutorials and Teaching assistantships

Tutorials are held by Bachelor students. Tutors assist lecturers when conducting an exercise or practical course. Normally tutors supervise a work group of students.

Teaching assistantships are conducted by Master students. Teaching assistants support lecturers with demanding tasks, for instance when designing or correcting assignments or instructing tutors.

Tutorials and Teaching assistantships

Individual Learning Unit

An individual learning unit allows students to work independently on a topic, familiarizing them with working on their own and according to scientific principles. An individual learning unit can take the form of literature study, small-scale research projects, software development or the development and completion of an experiment.

Individual Learning Unit

Course materials

Course materials for individual courses are managed by the respective module coordinators and lecturers and are published on their websites or on OLAT. Additionally, students should follow any instructions from the lecturer during the first lecture.

Notes on course materials

Quality assurance of teaching

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics considers the quality of teaching to be of great importance. For this reason, teaching quality is reviewed at regular intervals at different levels.

Quality assurance