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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Booking Modules

Each module must be booked via the UZH online module booking tool within the indicated module booking period and can only be dropped within this time frame. The booking also serves as the registration for the examination for this module.

Deadlines for booking modules




Booking and dropping modules 17.01.2024; 10:00 12.03.2024; 24:00

Attention: Be aware that deadlines for booking and dropping may deviate at other faculties.
Booking and canceling deadlines of the faculties

General procedure for booking modules

It is the students' responsibility to monitor their own bookings. This includes verifying that any actions (booking, dropping) have been successfully completed. A module has been booked in time if the status "booked" is shown in the app "My modules" on the last day of the module-specific booking deadline.

Module booking

The modules are booked or requested from the app "Noted Items & Module booking". To do this, the modules must first be noted in the course catalogue. The status of the booking or request can be seen in the "My Modules" app. Requests can be withdrawn and bookings canceled within the corresponding deadlines. In addition, requests can be prioritized differently and bookings/preferences regarding courses can be changed. The procedure is as follows:

Course catalogue: Search & note
App Noted Items & Module Booking: Book & request
App My Modules: Check & change

A short summary of the new functionalities is shown in the clip «new module booking from HS22» Video

Detailed information can be found in the instructions for the new module booking (icon «question mark» in the apps) Instructions

Link to studentservices

Modules and their booking types

Most of our modules are without place restriction (booking module (without place restriction)). They are booked directly as before. For such modules, you will receive a place during the entire module booking period, provided that the module booking rules are met. Sufficient places are available.

Some of our modules are place-restricted seminars (application modules). For these modules, the procedure for applying is listed in the course catalogue (VVZ) under "notes".

For application modules, the deadlines listed above may differ; these are exceptions. The following information is available in the course catalog (VVZ) for the application modules:

  • Booking- and cancellation period
  • Procedure for the application (under «notes»)
  • Request period 
  • Move-up period
  • Number of participants (capacity)
  • Date (space allocation at the latest) from which you definitely know whether you have received a place on the application module

Modules that cannot be booked

Some modules cannot be booked independently. The registration is made by means of a form and the actual booking is carried out by the Dean's Office. This applies to the following modules:

Bachelor's and Master's theses at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Procedure and registration forms for theses

Independent study modules at the Department of Informatics

Procedure and registration forms for independent study modules at Bachelor's and Master's level

Individual learning unit in business and economics

Procedure and process individual learning unit in business and economics

Tutorials and teaching assistantships are announced by the chairs and once completed reported to the Dean's Office, who carries out the booking.

Weiterführende Informationen

Contact - Help Line

Please read the instructions for online booking carefully before contacting the Help line.

Questions about booking modules:

Technical support:
+41 44 634 33 33

Module Abbreviations

Business and Economics
AOEC Assessment level
BO... Bachelor's level
MO... Master's level
DOEC Doctoral level

AINF Assessment level
BI... Bachelor's level
MI... Master's level
DINF Doctoral level