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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Final Grades Ranking

Together with the final documents, students receive an overview of the distribution of final grades in percentiles. A more specific ranking of the degrees is not published.


The calculation of the weighted overall grade is done according to section 7.1 of the program regulations. This means that for the calculation of the weighted overall grade, the two study program grades are calculated first (major and minor study program). For this purpose, the graded modules are included in the respective program grades exactly with the weight of their ECTS credits. The sum of the ECTS credits can also be slightly larger than the fixed program size if the modules are required for the degree. The two program grades are then rounded to one decimal place and shown as a subject grade. The unrounded program grades are then included in the weighted overall grade with the weight of the fixed program sizes (150, 120, 90, 60 or 30 ECTS credits). The weighted overall grade is thus calculated from the two unrounded program grades. The result is also rounded to one decimal digit.

For particularly good degrees, the following distinctions are awarded on the basis of the weighted rounded overall grade:

  • 5.5 and higher: summa cum laude
  • 5.0 and higher: magna cum laude

A template for the calculation of the weighted overall grade can be found here:

Template (XLSX, 80 KB)

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