Bachelor's/Master's Theses

Part of a Bachelor's or Master's program involves writing a thesis that treats a subject in the student's degree program in a scholarly manner.

Completion time and scope

The information below applies to all theses.

  Bachelor's thesis Master's thesis
Scope of thesis 18 ECTS 30 ECTS
Period for completion* 6 months 6 months
Evaluation graded graded

*Plan the completion of your degree in advance, taking into consideration the published deadlines.

Registration deadlines

General procedure

Selection of topic and supervisor – Business and Economics

Business and Economics students may write their thesis with a professor of their choice from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at UZH. The individual departments can provide additional assistance when it comes to selecting a topic.

Information from the Department of Banking und Finance

Topics suggested by the Departments of Economics and Business Administration (German only) (XLSX, 25 KB)

Selection of topic and supervisor – Quantitative Finance

Students of the joint degree Master's program in Quantitative Finance at UZH and ETH may write their thesis with a professor of their choice from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at UZH or the Department of Mathematics at ETH.

Information on the Quantitative Finance program

Selection of topic and supervisor – Informatics

Informatics students must write their thesis with a professor from their program of study.

List and information for Bachelor's theses in Informatics

List and information for Master's theses in Informatics

Registration and collection of project definition

Business and Economics or Quantitative Finance students must collect their project definition in person from the Dean's Office of the Faculty. Here, they will receive their project definition and the exact submission deadline. They must also submit their thesis to the Dean's Office.

Informatics students receive their project definition directly from the supervising professor. The exact submission deadline is set when the project definition is received. Students must submit their theses to the Department of Informatics Office.

They must bring the following documents:

  1. Proof of matriculation (e.g., student ID card)
  2. Students in a Bachelor's program: Proof that the assessment level has been passed (transcript of records, module booking printout or online summary of credits on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop)
  3. Students in a Master's program: Proof of admission to the Master's program for students who have not obtained a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at the University of Zurich (notification of acceptance from the examination delegate).
  4. The completed registration form.

Form for Business and Economics (PDF, 548 KB)

Form for Quantitative Finance (PDF, 548 KB)

Form Informatics Bachelor

Form Informatics Master


The thesis must be submitted no later than the agreed submission deadline.

Two bound copies must be submitted. Please check with your supervisor whether you need to submit any additional copies (in either printed or PDF format).

The following two submission options are available:

  1. In person at the Dean's Office or the Department of Informatics. Please be aware of the office hours.
  2. By registered post. The date on the postmark is considered to be the submission date. Please keep the receipt so that you can track whether your thesis has arrived. No confirmations of receipt will be issued.

The thesis may not be placed in the Dean's Office mailbox.

Theses submitted late are considered to have been failed.