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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Examination Information

Here you will find information on different topics related to examinations and the notification of grades.

Registration and cancelation

Registration for or cancelation of an examination is carried out directly in the module booking tool. Booking a module also automatically registers the student for the corresponding examination. Once the module booking deadline has passed, absolutely no further registrations or cancelations can be processed. Cancelations at a later date due to illness are only possible if a petition is submitted in due time, accompanied by a properly dated original doctor's attestation.


Attention: Students pursuing an external minor program must adhere to the regulations of the respective faculty.

Notification of grades / transcript of records

The grades for the individual examinations are officially announced with the electronic provision of the transcript of records at the start of the following semester. You will also receive an English translation thereof.

There is no right of access to grades before the official transcript of records has been provided electronically. Some examination results may be voluntarily published earlier by the chair responsible for the examination. You can view your grades in the module booking tool once they have been entered into the system. Grades may, however, still be downscaled until they have been officially validated by means of the electronic provision of the transcript of records.

English transcripts of records are not legally binding and only serve the purpose of interaction with higher education institutions that expect students to submit English documents. For any case of legal proceedings (e.g., appeals) the German version alone has legal validity.

Further information on the transcript of records

Access to examination papers

Access to examination papers is organized directly by the module coordinator of the course. Please contact the coordinator about making appointments and procedures for access to examination papers.

Repeat examinations

Repeat examinations are modules that only offer the examination without the accompanying course, although the content of the examination is taken from the corresponding regular course.

There are no repeat examinations at the assessment level. A failed module cannot be rebooked until the following year.

For all other courses, repeat examinations are offered at the discretion of the module coordinators. Repeat examinations take place in the following semester. All repeat examinations are published in the UZH course catalogue and must be booked via the module booking tool like all other courses. Please note the maximum number of failed attempts permitted, and please read the relevant regulations that apply to you. Individual repeat examinations for individual students are not permitted.

Cheating on examination

In the event of examination fraud, in particular someone having access to prohibited resources, communicating with third parties without permission during an examination, submitting plagiarized material, not writing a seminar paper him- or herself, or fraudulently obtaining admission on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information, the examination is considered to have been failed and any assessments or transcripts awarded are to be declared null and void by decision of the Faculty Board.

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