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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Doctoral Programs and Admission

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics offers various Doctoral programs for very good Master's and excellent Bachelor's degree holders. Acceptance and admission are granted after individual reviews conducted by both the program directors and the University.

General process for acceptance and admission

Persons who are currently not enrolled at the University of Zurich must first apply with one of the study program directors to be accepted to a program (in the Informatics department, with the respective professor). Additionally, they must apply online with the Admissions Office, who reviews the application on behalf of the University. Acceptance to a program is only possible after these steps have been completed.

Persons who begin a Doctoral program immediately after completing a Master's program at our Faculty must also apply for acceptance with the study program director (in the Informatics department, with the respective professor). They must also register for the corresponding Doctoral program in the scope of semester enrollment.

Candidates can apply for different tracks (Tracks A, B, or C). An application for Track A requires an explicit confirmation of a professor from our Faculty to act as the applicant's supervisor. More information regarding the different tracks is available on the following website:

Doctoral programs

When applying, please note the information and deadlines published on each study program website. Only complete and properly submitted files will be considered.

Program contacts

Doctoral programs in Economics and Neuroeconomics

Examination delegates: Prof. Dr. R. Weber (Economics) and Prof. Dr. T. Hare (Neuroeconomics)
Study program coordination: Mirjam Britschgiand Karin Wyss
Admission process for Economics
Admission process for Neuroeconomics

Graduate School of Business

Examination delegates: Prof. Dr. R. Göx (Business Administration) and Prof. Dr. U. Kaiser (Management and Economics)
Study program coordination: Falko Zapf
Admission process for Business Administration/Management and Economics

Doctoral program in Finance

Examination delegate: Prof. Dr. S. Ongena
Study program coordination: Sarah Wikus
Admission process for Finance

Doctoral program in Informatics

Examination delegate: Prof. Elaine M. Huang, PhD
Study program coordination: Karin Sigg
Admission process for Informatics

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