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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Doctoral Programs

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics offers various Doctoral programs. In addition to the traditional Doctoral program (Track A), structured Doctoral programs are also offered (Track B and C). The structured Doctoral programs are in English.

Programs in Business and Economics

Track A: Traditional doctorate

The Track A doctorate involves a dissertation as well as successful completion of doctoral courses for a total of at least 18 ECTS credits. The Track A doctorate is aimed at students who are already working closely with a professor of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics in a specific area of research. If you have not explicitly been invited to apply to the Track A program by a professor of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, you are not eligible for the program.

Track B: Structured Doctoral programs for holders of a Master's degree

Students who intend to pursue an academic career and hold a Master's degree (or equivalent, such as the Swiss lic. oec. or the German Universitätsdiplom) with a distinction of at least "magna cum laude" are offered the opportunity to take courses in the Track B program in Economics, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, or Management and Economics in preparation for writing a dissertation. The compulsory modules include an independent research proposal. The candidate must then write a dissertation based on this foundation.

Track C: Structured fast-track Doctoral programs for outstanding Bachelor's degree graduates

If you hold an excellent Bachelor's degree as well as recommendation letters and wish to pursue a career in academia, you may apply for one of the fast-track Doctoral programs. In addition to a dissertation, the programs comprise the successful completion of courses at both the Master's and Doctoral levels. A Master's degree is earned first, followed by a Doctoral degree. The programs are also offered in Economics, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, and Management and Economics.

Graduate School of Business (Business Administration and ME) 
Doctoral Program in Economics 
Doctoral Program in Finance

Program in Informatics

The Doctoral program of the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich focuses on three specializations: Information Systems, Software Systems, and Multimodal and Cognitive Systems. Our program enables talented students to start an academic career or to distinguish themselves on the market.

Two different tracks are being offered and it depends on the academic background of the applicants which track to choose.

Doctoral Program in Informatics

Program in Neuroeconomics

This program has a strong scientific focus, with the goal of enabling students to become independent first-class researchers. The faculty consists of internationally renowned scholars with expertise in behavioral economics, neuroimaging, neuropharmacology, brain stimulation techniques and computational modeling.

Doctoral Program in Neuroeconomics

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Graduate Campus

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