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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Advice for Doctoral Students

If you have any kind of questions regarding one of our Doctoral programs or encounter a problem in the supervision relationship, you can approach the following persons:

As the first point of contact we always recommend the Doctoral study program coordinators, who will gladly support you:


If they cannot help you, you can turn to the Doctoral study program directors:

Business: Prof. Dr. Robert F. Göx (Website German only)
Economics: Prof. Dr. Roberto Weber 
Finance: Prof. Dr. Steven Ongena
Management and Economics: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kaiser
Informatics: Prof. Dr. Elaine Huang
Neuroeconomics: Prof. Todd Hare, PhD

The Heads of Department or the Dean are further sources of support:

Heads of Department

In every case, you can always contact the contact person for integrity of the Faculty or Human Resources:

Faculty Contact for Integrity: Prof. em. Dr. H.P. Wehrli and Prof. em. Martin Glinz
UZH Contact for Integrity: Website
Human Resources: Sandra Maurer

Research Integrity
More information can be found on the following website.

Weiterführende Informationen


Faculty Contact For Integrity

If you encounter problems in the supervision relationship, you can always approach our Faculty contact persons for integrity.

Prof. em. Dr. H.P. Wehrli
Prof. em. Martin Glinz

Employee Assistance Office (MBS)

The Employee Assistance Office (MBS) helps with difficulties at the workplace and advises employees and doctoral students of UZH on psychological and / or legal problems and stressful situations. Together with the employees MBS develops possible solution perspectives.