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Twice a year the Oec. Magazine provides insights into current projects and research findings, news from the Alumni network, as well as developments from all areas of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics.


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ISSUE 18/2022

Focus-Topic: Faster, higher, stronger | When economics meets sport

Sporting achievements and economic interests often go hand in hand today. Many sports have undergone massive professionalization, economization, but also commercialization. What consequences does this have for sport – and how is it shaped by funding issues and data analysis? This question is explored in the current issue of the Oec. Magazine.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 18/2022 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 18/2022 (PDF, 5 MB)

ISSUE 17/2022

Focus-Topic: Business for a better world | How companies (can) assume social responsibility

The business of business is to make business – this guiding principle is only partially true today. Assuming social responsibility is no longer a zeitgeist, but has become a basic attitude. A basic attitude that consumers and employees demand – and that companies should and want to follow. So how can companies contribute to a better world? The Oec. Magazine explores this question in its latest issue – with a look at different industries.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 17/2022 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 17/2022 (PDF, 6 MB)

ISSUE 16/2021

Focus-Topic: The Human Factor | Why emotions are key in the future of work

We live in challenging times: Changing value systems and new technologies demand our adaptability – also in the future. But what role do people play in the «Future of Work»? Which aspects and skills will be in demand in the future? How important are emotions? And what can companies, managers and everyone themselves do to create the desired version of the future? The Oec. Magazine in search of the role of people in the future of work.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 16/2021 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 16/2021 (PDF, 4 MB)

ISSUE 15/2021

Focus-Topic: Lust auf Vielfalt | Wie Diversität neue Perspektiven eröffnet

Promoting diversity is not only right, it is smart. After all, every person is unique per se and ensures heterogeneity in our society. More diversity therefore means more perspectives, better ideas and more creative solutions. How do concerned and committed individuals within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics (WWF) experience diversity? And with which projects and initiatives do UZH and WWF address the issue? The Oec. Magazine on the trail of diversity of perspectives and equal opportunities.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 15/2021 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 15/2021 (PDF, 6 MB)

ISSUE 14/2020

Focus-Topic: Hartes Pflaster? | Die Rolle der Ökonomie im Gesundheitswesen

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the tension between economic and ethical-humanistic considerations like no other event in recent decades. Dealing with the coronavirus is a daily balancing act between measures designed to protect the health of the population and the economy. It is an unparalleled tightrope walk. However, even before the corona crisis, economic considerations had an impact on the healthcare industry. The Oec. Magazine searches for clues in the field of tension between economics and health.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 14/2020 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 14/2020 (PDF, 6 MB)

ISSUE 13/2020

Focus-Topic: Train the Brain | Fürs Leben lernen, ein Leben lang

Education does not simply stop after compulsory schooling. It accompanies us throughout our lives - today more than ever: the rapid changes in the labor market require constant further development and agility. How do the University of Zurich and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics respond to the demands and needs of trainees and apprentices? And how do people from science and business assess the importance of education and teaching at universities? This issue provides insight into the world of education in academia and business. It shows how education is changing (even in times of the Corona pandemic) and what value lifelong learning has for our alumni.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 13/2020 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 13/2020 (PDF, 6 MB)

ISSUE 12/2019

Focus-Topic: Hype oder Zukunft? Blockchain, AI, IoT – Was kommt, was geht, was bleibt?

Buzzwords like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain or Machine Learning are on everyone's lips. Many of these terms are omnipresent, but for most people they are not (yet) tangible. What is really behind them? The Oec. Magazine looks for concrete answers and examples in science and business. What is just hype - and what is already standard? How are the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics and its departments reacting to the new technologies? Where do companies from business and industry currently stand? And what role do the new technologies play in the everyday working lives of our alumni?

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 12/2019 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 12/2019 (PDF, 7 MB)


ISSUE 11/2019

Focus-Topic: Impact

Profit is not always the top priority. A growing number of companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability and social added value. Responsibility for the future also plays a central role in research. Sustainable finance, in particular, is currently a hot topic.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 11/2019 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 11/2019 (PDF, 7 MB)


ISSUE 10/2018

Focus-Topic: Start-it-up

Last year alone, over 43,000 companies were founded in Switzerland, almost one in five of them in the canton of Zurich. The economic framework conditions contribute to a thriving start-up scene and provide room for entrepreneurship. This is demonstrated by the success stories of our alumni, who are cleverly exploiting social trends and new technologies.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 10/2018 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 10/2018 (PDF, 8 MB)


ISSUE 09/2018

Focus-Topic: Take-off

We send about 800 talented people out into the world every year and attract the world's best to our Faculty for research and teaching. Over the past decade, we have become international in the mix of our students, faculty and research. Our alumni are also making things happen around the globe. Take a trip around the world with us.

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 09/2018 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 09/2018 (PDF, 6 MB)


ISSUE 08/2017

Focus-Topic: #digital

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, we take you on a journey of discovery through the digital world: How do SRF presenter Patrizia Laeri and UBS chief economist Daniel Kalt use social media? Does it also make sense for researchers? And why is a video game being developed at the faculty? 

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 08/2017 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 08/2017 (PDF, 7 MB)


ISSUE 07/2017

Focus-Topic: Auf Tauchgang in Zürich

We want to know: Is Bahnhofstrasse losing its shine due to stagnating rents and lower demand for luxury watches? How has SIX managed for decades to be one of the best stock exchanges in the world with innovative new features? And what is a submarine doing in Zurich? Come with us on a tour of the city. 

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 07/2017 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 07/2017 (PDF, 6 MB)


ISSUE 06/2016

Focus-Topic: Mensch ärgere Dich nicht

Would you be willing to lie to punish someone for their wrong behavior? How can start-ups avoid annoying – and possibly existence-threatening mistakes? And what role do human factors play in banking? Human, annoying and playful things under the microscope. 

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 06/2016 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 06/2016 (PDF, 2 MB)


ISSUE 05/2016

Focus-Topic: Ist das fair? Ansichtssache!

Is it fair that people earn different amounts, that companies can drag out antitrust proceedings and continue to enrich themselves in parallel, that profit is apparently more important than the needs of customers in some financial products? What is fair and what is not often depends on one's point of view. A value put to the test. 

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 05/2016 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 05/2016 (PDF, 5 MB)


ISSUE 04/2015

Focus-Topic: Tatort – Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft im Fadenkreuz

Crime scenes are part of life: crises, lies, crimes. Whether in the economic or social environment, they guarantee an exciting  and probably inexhaustible  field of research with direct benefits for practice. Business as a crime scene: How do you track down economic crimes? How do you communicate crises? Crime scene society: How do employees behave after a bank robbery? Why is it often difficult for criminals to escape the vicious circle? 

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 04/2015 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 04/2015 (PDF, 5 MB)


ISSUE 03/2015

Focus-Topic: Entscheiden – zwischen Rationalität und Emotionalität

Every day, we make thousands of decisions, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. An interplay of rationality and emotionality. Life demands difficult and easy decisions. What methods are used to study decisions at the University of Zurich? What are the challenges of big decisions and what influence do different cultures have? 

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 03/2015 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 03/2015 (PDF, 5 MB)


ISSUE 02/2014

Focus-Topic: Big Data – dem Phänomen auf der Spur

Big Data is everywhere. Data is being collected at top speed, stored in huge quantities and constantly re-linked. What does this development mean for the university? Where does the business with data lead and who uses it? And how is Big Data in harmony with data protection?

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 02/2014 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 02/2014 (PDF, 4 MB)


ISSUE 01/2014

Focus-Topic: Vertrauen in die Zukunft

Nothing works without trust. What constitutes a trust-building science? How should trust be rebuilt in the economy, in the financial market? Calls for transparency and the right degree of regulation – what are the prospects for the Swiss banking center?

ePaper: Oec. Magazine 01/2014 read online

Download: Oec. Magazine 01/2014 (PDF, 5 MB)

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