UZH is Europe's best University in Blockchain (3rd worldwide)

In 2019, our Faculty founded the UZH Competence Centre on Blockchain. Now, the University of Zurich ranks third in this year's Blockchain ranking of 240 schools worldwide. UZH did not only rank first in Europe (for the second year in a row) but also ranked first in the West (i.e. surpassing all American Universities). We are also the sole Swiss Academic institution in the top 25. 

CoinDesk is the most far-reaching news site for Blockchain worldwide and the University ranking is done in collaboration with researchers from MIT. While some data is automatically collected, the UZH Blockchain Center must provide a detailed status report of the Blockchain activities of our University to complement the information.

The full ranking and the original article can be found on CoinDesk (with a link to the methodology).