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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Suspension of Studies

In exceptional cases, assessment-level students may pursue extra-curricular activities (internships, language courses abroad, employment, humanitarian aid, etc.) during a short period of time.

Points to note

Students who wish to interrupt their assessment level must always obtain permission to do so. Suspension of studies may be granted for a maximum of one year and the extra-curricular activity pursued during that time must be appropriately documented.

An interruption requires that a leave of absence be recorded during semester enrollment.

Detailed information on leave of absence

Time of petition

A request for a leave of absence must be submitted via the student portal before the interruption planned in the coming semester. Participation in the extra-curricular activity may have to be appropriately documented.

Student Portal - My Requests - Leave of Absence

In addition to the decision whether or not a leave of absence will be granted, you will receive a notification from the examination delegate ("Faculty Decision" in the "Documents" tab) in the student portal. With this Faculty Decision, you will be informed whether or not your planned interruption of studies will result in a suspension of the period for completion of the assessment level.

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