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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Doctorate in Business and Economics and in Neuroeconomics

You would like to register for your Doctorate in Business and Economics or in Neuroeconomics as well as for the defense of your dissertation. The information below details the necessary steps to be taken.

Compulsory enrollment

Doctoral students have to be enrolled and pay the semester fees until they receive the final degree documents, i.e., until they are granted the title of Doctor.

It is possible to request a leave of absence during the publication phase, provided that no services of UZH are utilized during this phase (with the exception of libraries, the Academic Sports Association Zurich ASVZ and cafeterias). During the semester of leave, only the mandatory semester contributions are due, but no tuition fees. You can validate your UZH Card during the semester of leave.

Please refer to the Student Administration Office’s website below to learn how to request a leave of absence. Once the submission of the deposit copies to the central library is scheduled for the upcoming semester, a possible leave of absence must be replaced by a regular enrollment.

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Preparatory steps

First read the information about graduation from Doctoral studies in the relevant regulations (framework ordinance and program regulations).



Please register by sending your dissertation and the necessary documents by e-mail to Please use your UZH e-mail address.

Please note that the date, time and location of your defense must have been fixed prior to your registration for graduation.

The expert reports on your dissertation must be submitted to the Dean's Office at least five workdays prior to the defense. In consultation with the members of your dissertation committee, please allow for enough time for them to write their reports. Thus, there should be sufficient time between your registration for graduation including the submission of your dissertation and the submission deadline for the expert reports (e.g., four weeks).

Please attach the following documents to the e-mail:

  • Dissertation
  • Registration form for the Doctoral degree, which is available in the download area at the bottom of the page (please pay attention to the selection options)
  • Documents listed in the registration form

The declaration of work with co-authors is included in the registration form. For your convenience, an additional copy of this declaration is available for both Business and Economics as well as Neuroeconomics in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

Moreover, an additional copy of each of the following documents is available for download for both Business and Economics as well as Neuroeconomics: defense evaluation sheet, request for printing approval, approved title page, first inside page, exemplary CV,  and bibliografic citation. All of these documents are also included in the appendix of the registration form.

Please take into consideration the degree conferral dates and information at:

Degree conferral dates


Publication of the dissertation is a prerequisite for the granting of the title of Doctor and must take place within two years of the degree conferral date. On the selected degree conferral date, candidates are sent their provisional Academic Records as well as an accompanying letter from the Dean detailing the exact deadline by which the dissertation must be published.

Candidates must request printing approval from the Dean's Office by e-mail to before publishing their dissertations. A brief CV has to be inserted as the last page in the dissertation.

Deposit copies

The regulations of the central library, where candidates have to submit their deposit copies, must be observed.

Central library

The current number of required deposit copies amounts to:

  • Electronic publication in the central library: 2 deposit copies
  • Analogue publication in the central library: 3 deposit copies
  • Publication in the book trade: 3 deposit copies

Diploma and Confirmation of Doctoral Degree

Approximately four to five weeks after submission of the deposit copies, the Confirmation of Doctoral Degree is issued and sent to the candidate by the Degrees Office of the University. The Confirmation of Doctoral Degree authorizes the candidate to hold the title of Doctor.

The title of Doctor is considered conferred once the candidate has received the Diploma, which is delivered subsequently.

Candidates must not hold the title of Doctor before the Confirmation of Doctoral Degree has been received.

List of PhD conferrals at the University of Zurich

The list of graduates who have been granted the title of Doctor at the University of Zurich is available at:

List of PhD conferrals at the University of Zurich

Registration forms

Weiterführende Informationen

Doctoral Board, Business and Economics

The Chairman of the Doctoral Board
Prof. Dr. Steven Ongena

Economics representative
Prof. Dr. Roberto Weber

Business Administration representative
Prof. Dr. Robert F. Göx

Management and Economics representative
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kaiser

Finance representative
Prof. Dr. Steven Ongena

Doctoral Board, Neuroeconomics

The Chairman of the Doctoral Board
Prof. Dr. Todd Hare

2nd Member
Prof. Dr. Christian Ruff

3rd Member  
Prof. Dr. Philippe Tobler

Program Contacts

Economics and Neuroeconomics
Mirjam Britschgi and Karin Wyss
Tel.: +41 44 634 37 34

Business Administration and Management and Economics
Falko Zapf
Tel.: +41 44 634 59 70

Sarah Wikus
Tel.: +41 44 634 39 52