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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Online Exams

Online examinations take place either at home (remote online exam) or with your own device at the University of Zurich (Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) exam). On this website and its subsites you will find all module-unspecific information on online examinations.

Binding instructions for online examinations

We provide you with important general information about your online examinations. You must read and follow them carefully as they contain binding instructions and legal consequences. In particular, we address the topics of examination fraud and any technical problems that may arise in all online examinations alike and that must be taken into account. For each of your booked online examinations you receive exam-specific information from your lecturers. It will explain in particular the technical examination environment, the type of examination and important data.

Binding instructions for online examinations (PDF, 143 KB)

Code of Honor

The WWF community (faculty, students, and alumni) shares a commitment to honesty and integrity and in particular follows the standards of scholarship and professionalism in all examinations and assessments. These standards are defined in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics' Code of Honor.

Code of Honor

Infrastructure and Examination Software

On these subpages you will find all requirements for the technical infrastructure (software and hardware) necessary for online examinations as well as notes to the examination software and the Safe Exam Browser.

Technical Infrastructure
Examination Software and Safe Exam Browser

Technical Problems

What should you do if you have technical problems during an online examination? What needs to be documented? The answers to these questions and further information on how to proceed in case of technical problems can be found on the following subpage.

Procedure for technical problems occurring during online examinations