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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Military Leadership Program

From fall semester 2016, certain military cadre training programs from the level of quartermaster sergeant/master sergeant (Fourier/Feldweibel) and upward may be transferred toward our Faculty's degree programs. These programs are equivalent to between 3 and 6 ECTS credits. 


The following cadre programs may be transferred toward your degree if the conditions described below are fulfilled.

Military training Program level ECTS credits
Higher NCOs (from quartermaster
sergeant/master sergeant)
= Höhere Unteroffiziere (ab Fourier/Feldweibel)
Bachelor 3 ECTS credits
Subaltern officers (officer school)
= Subalternoffizier (Offiziersschule)
Bachelor 6 ECTS credits
Unit commander
= Einheitskommandant
Master 6 ECTS credits
Warrant officer school (military unit level)
= Stabsoffiziersschule (Stufe Truppenkörper)
Master 6 ECTS credits

The conditions below must be fulfilled for a military program to be transferred toward your degree:

  • The student must have completed the practical service required to obtain the respective rank.
  • An overall grade of at least 3 ("good") must have been awarded.
  • The training can be transferred only if it was completed no more than five years before graduation.
  • Only one training program may be transferred at each level of study.

In addition, only students majoring in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics can have the training transferred.

Students may only submit a petition for transfer upon successful completion of the assessment level.


If the above conditions are met, you can submit a petition to the examination delegate to have your military training transferred toward your degree.


Submit the following documents to file your petition:

  • Copy of your final military qualification: Cadre training program and training service (practical service requirement) for the rank for which you are requesting a transfer
  • Evidence of military rank achieved (service book (DB) from page 8)
  • Confirmation of days in service (service book (DB) from page 12)


A military program may be transferred toward the BWL 3 core elective area, the OEC elective area or the free elective area. When you complete your degree, you can choose where you wish to apply the credits, in line with the regulations of your study program.

The program is transferred without a grade and counts as an external module.

The Dean's Office is responsible for recording the module once your petition has been approved.

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Credit Transfer
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