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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

ETH Modules

UZH students can take advantage of the wide variety of courses ETH offers by attending ETH modules. These can normally be transferred to the free elective area and, in some cases, to the core elective area of your study program.

Booking ETH modules

To attend a module at ETH, you must register at ETH and then book via myStudies.

ETH registration and information

All completed modules (whether passed or failed) automatically appear on the transcript of records. However, this in itself does not mean that their credits are eligible for transfer.

Credit transfer eligibility to a core elective area

ETH also offers courses in specializations relating to Business and Economics as well as Informatics. Some of these are eligible for credit transfer to the core elective and minor areas of your studies.

  • The Downloads area contains a list of ETH modules that are eligible for credit transfer to a core elective area. This list is binding and is continually updated.
  • If the module you selected is not on the list, but you believe its content is relevant to a core elective area, you may submit the module for review in timely manner before the start of the semester. Together with the degree program coordinator, the Dean's Office will then determine whether the module should be included in the list. When submitting the module, please provide a direct link to it in the course catalogue and a brief statement concerning the core elective area into which you believe it could fit and why.

Credit transfer eligibility to the INF elective area

Informatic modules from the ETH course catalogue that meet the program level eligibility criteria of an informatics degree program (Computer Science or Data Science) can be transferred toward the INF elective area. The assignment according to the ETH course catalogue is binding in order to transfer credits towards the INF elective area. These modules are not additionally listed in the download area.

Credit transfer eligibility to the free elective area

All modules offered at ETH are eligible for credit transfer to the free elective area, provided that they belong to the appropriate degree level and that your study program actually includes a free elective area. 

It is important to note the following points:

  • Only credits for courses at the same degree level can be transferred: only Bachelor's modules for Bachelor's degree programs and only Master's modules for Master's degree programs.
  • In the ETH course catalogue, the "Offered in" area indicates whether credits from a module are eligible for transfer. If both Bachelor's degree programs and Master's degree programs are listed in this area, this means that module credits can be transferred to either level.

Failed attempts at ETH modules

Failed attempts at ETH modules do not count at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics. They do, however, appear on the transcript of records.

Special provisions for minor programs

Attention: Students taking a major program at our Faculty and a minor program outside the Faculty must pay attention to the regulations governing credit transfer and failed attempts for the minor program.

Attention: Students from other faculties who are taking a minor program at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics may not transfer credits completed outside the Faculty to their minor program at our Faculty.

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