Informatics with Natural Sciences


Are you fascinated by the opportunities that today's information technology is offering, but also harbor an interest in natural sciences?


In the study program in Informatics with Natural Sciences, you will combine the basic principles of informatics with a subject of your choice relating to natural sciences. This study program also allows you to pursue teacher education with Informatics as your main teaching subject and a natural sciences subject as your secondary one.

The study program provides an interdisciplinary education at the point where two areas of knowledge converge. Not only will you receive a solid grounding in informatics, you will also acquire specialist knowledge in an area of natural sciences such as biology, geography, mathematics, or computational science.

Depending on which area of natural sciences you choose, you will focus on methods for evaluating and displaying data, depicting the sequences and processes that take place within natural sciences, or the design of IT systems for solving the problems posed in areas of natural sciences.

Career prospects and further degree programs

Thanks to their interdisciplinary education, graduates of the Informatics with Natural Sciences program are in demand as specialists, particularly at the juncture between their scientific minor and informatics, but also in general in informatics projects concerning the processing of large quantities of complex data. Alternatively, when combined with teacher education, you will be able to teach informatics as your main and a scientific subject as your secondary subject.

By completing a Bachelor's degree, you will be qualified to undertake further study at Master's level.

Department of Informatics

Informatics with Natural Sciences is available as:

Major program: 120 ECTS credits. 
Can be combined with the following minor programs:

Students taking Informatics with Natural Sciences as a major study program must take a minor study program comprising 60 ECTS credits at the UZH Faculty of Science: Select your degree program of choice in the online course catalogue and get an overview of all minor program combinations.

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