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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics



Knowledge is the prerequisite to help molding the world of tomorrow. Our researchers and graduates have the will to make a contribution to a future worth living.

Junior Researchers

Nurturing young talent in research belongs to the core missions of the Faculty. At present, about 3,300 students accomplish a major, 900 a minor, and 370 a Doctoral program at our Faculty.


Impact Awards

For the first time, our Faculty honored scholarly work that makes a scientific contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus has an impact on society, the environment, and the economy.


Women in Science

Fourteen female professors are currently part of our Faculty. Looking into our records, fifteen female research talents from our Faculty accepted a chair at other universities in the last eight years. The women’s peer mentoring group CareerElixier provides a network for our Doctoral students and post-docs.


Responsible Management Education

Academic competence, a sustainable faculty policy and consideration of the impact of economic decisions on society and the environment are important components in how we understand responsible scholarship.