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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics



The Faculty considers cooperation with other universities as well as networking and collaboration with our current and former students to be of great importance.

International Network

Our Faculty works with partner schools around the world to create opportunities for students to gain international experience, advance our research, and enhance our curriculum. This page provides an overview of our extensive partner network with international universities and faculties.


The Alumni Associations of the Faculty of Business, Economic and Informatics

OEC Alumni UZH and Alumni Informatik UZH are the two largest alumni associations of the Faculty of Business, Economic and Informatics. In total, graduates can choose from ten associations to network and further their professional education.


Student Associations of the Faculty and of Informatics

The Student Association of the Faculty (Fachverein Oekonomie, fvoec) is the official student representative body of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics and, together with the Fachverein für Informatik (ICU), regularly supports the Faculty in organizing the Fresher's Day.

Fachverein Oekonomie
Fachverein Informatics

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