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In the column «Lokaltermin» the Oec. Magazine portrays professors from the Faculty. The conversation always takes place in the favorite restaurant – in Swiss German called «Lokal» – of the person portrayed.

With Luis Aguiar at "Bohemia"

Prof. Luis Aguiar’s passion for research brought him back to the academic world after seven years in the public sector. He uses this dedication to explore the many facets of digitization and online platforms – with a special focus on the music industry.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 20, December 2023

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With Elaine Huang at "Café Sprüngli"

Elaine Huang knew early on that she had a clear calling for teaching. Later, she also uncovered an affinity for research. She now combines these two passions to explore how technology transforms human practices, and how human needs shape technological advancements.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 19, June 2023

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With Walter Farkas at «Cantinetta Antinori»

Walter Farkas, professor of quantitative finance, knew early on that the academic career path was the one for him. As a researcher and lecturer, he strives to combine the best of two worlds: finance and mathematics – the human factor included.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 18, December 2022

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With Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr at «Sento»

Prof. Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr had a defining experience during her childhood. Since then, she has been wanting to contribute to a more sustainable and better world. As it turned out – through research, not legislation.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 17, June 2022

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With Alberto Bacchelli at «Chiffon»

Alberto Bacchelli pursues a clear goal with his research: to make developers more effective and to improve software quality. With his team, he sometimes takes new paths to achieve big changes with small steps.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 16, December 2021

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Hui Chen | She speaks the language of business

As a teenager, Hui Chen thought accounting was boring. But today she knows better: it's the language of business. She is a professor with heart and soul, always striving to make her complex field accessible. And with one goal in mind: to make a real impact with her work.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 15, June 2021

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Nir Jaimovich | «People think that we scientists have all the answers»

Nir Jaimovich, Professor of Economics, wants to understand how the world works. In attempting to do so, he sometimes has to leave his comfort zone. His goal, which is both simple and daunting, is to answer one of the biggest questions in macroeconomics: What drives business cycles?

Oec. Magazine, Issue 14, December 2020

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Mit Helga Fehr-Duda (leider nicht) im Asiaway (German only)

Helga Fehr-Duda ist seit 2014 als Professorin für Entscheidungstheorie und experimentelle Entscheidungsforschung am Institut für Banking und Finance tätig. Sie wird per Ende Juni 2020 emeritiert, weshalb wir die Chance ergriffen haben, gemeinsam auf ihre Karriere zurückzublicken.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 13, June 2020

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Mit Jochen Menges im Wolfbach (German only)

Professor Jochen Menges hat im August 2018 am Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre den Lehrstuhl für Human Resource Management and Leadership übernommen. Mit seinem Team untersucht er das Verhalten von Menschen in Organisationen und forscht zurzeit an Organisationsstrukturen, die emotionale Intelligenz fördern.

Oec. Magazine, Issue 12, December 2019

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