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Salvete for the status quo! But I believe we are now very well-positioned to attract international talent at all levels – profes- sors, assistant professors, postdocs and students. Professor Franck, how do you see your role as incoming Chairman of the De- partment of Business Administration? Franck: My main role is to further enhance the standing of our Depart- ment in academia and society. The main outcomes of academic endeavour, namely research and teaching, do not result from strong centralised plans or uniform visions enforced from the top of an organisation. They grow at grass-roots level thanks to the activities of motivated and creative individuals and teams. These individuals and teams have to compete for their reputation on a global scale and indirectly contribute to the overall standing of our Depart- ment and University. We aim to attract the most talented and creative people while securing a fruitful and respectful dialogue, and this is a big challenge for any departmental Chairman. How will you go about this in practice? Franck: As Chairman of the Department I’m in charge of its management and act as its representative. Therefore I have to promote and protect the Department’s interests within and outside the Univer- sity. Of course, my duties also include several administrative, coordinating and monitoring tasks such as academic re- porting, budgeting and resource alloca- tion. As you can imagine, resources like office space and funds are scarce but in high demand, so allocating these and other resources can be time-consuming and sometimes troublesome! However, I feel well supported by all my col- leagues within the Department and it’s a privilege to be the new Chairman. Professor Pfaff, how do you look back on your time as Head of the Department of Business Administration? Pfaff: When I became Chairman four years ago, we merged four smaller institutes into one large department. The biggest challenge – and at the same time a pleasure – was to accommodate the diverse cultures of all four institutes and to forge a sense of community. I can happily report that it was, and remains, a successful integration. In addition, the Department expanded during this time. We announced eight professorships, of which more than half are newly-created chairs. We have successfully filled six of the chairs and we are recruiting for the remaining two. Over the past four years we were able to further develop the Department in both quantitative and qualitative terms, and that was defi- nitely a highlight. Left: Prof. Rainer Winkelmann, new Chairman of the Department of Economics Right: Prof. Egon Franck, new Chairman of the Department of Business Administration Oec. Juli 2015 7 Oec. Juli 20157