Advice for Doctoral Students

If you have any kind of questions regarding one of our Doctoral programs or encounter a problem in the supervision relationship, you can approach the following persons:

As the first point of contact we always recommend the Doctoral study program coordinators, who will gladly support you:






If they cannot help you, you can turn to the Doctoral study program directors:

Business: Prof. Dr. Robert F. Göx (Website German only)

Economics: Prof. Dr. Roberto Weber

Finance: Prof. Dr. Steven Ongena

Management and Economics: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kaiser

Informatics: Prof. Thomas Fritz, PhD

Neuroeconomics: Prof. Todd Hare, PhD

The Heads of Department or the Dean are further sources of support:

Heads of Department

In every case, you can always contact the contact person for integrity of the Faculty or Human Resources:

Faculty Contact for Integrity: Prof. em. Dr. H.P. Wehrli and Prof. em. Martin Glinz

UZH Contact for Integrity: Website

Human Resources: Sandra Maurer

Research Integrity
More information can be found on the following website: More