Sports Management

In the minor study program Sports Management you will deal with the business and economic peculiarities of sports. This involves an in-depth understanding of numerous business models, management problems and, in particular, the complex interaction of various stakeholders (federations, sports clubs, athletes, media, sponsors and consumers) in the field of sports.

The program provides a solid strategic and operational management knowledge of companies and organizations in the field of sports. In addition, you will discuss problem-oriented, broader economic insights and complex issues using real-life examples from the field of sports so that you understand the fundamental interdisciplinary context of the subject.

Career prospects

The minor study program Sports Management qualifies you for specialist and management positions in the field of strategic and operational business management in sports. You can apply your knowledge effectively and efficiently in your professional environment – in sports organizations, professional sports clubs, sports and media marketing agencies and sports-related industries.


Sports Management is available as:

Minor program: 30 ECTS credits.
Can be combined with the following major programs:
Business and Economics  
Banking and Finance    
Business Administration  
Management and Economics  


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