Accounting and Finance

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The minor study program in Accounting and Finance deals with the world of managing company finances and the language this practice uses. Financial management primarily aims to create sustainable value for company owners and therefore has to take account of a whole range of basic conditions, which themselves are subject to constant change. It has to consider not only the interests of key stakeholders, but also the legal and regulatory environment in which a company operates – and must stand up to the challenges presented by increasingly global markets.


Financial management requires an in-depth understanding of the complex interplay between corporate finance, accounting, reporting, controlling, plus internal and external auditing. In the course of your minor study program, you will become familiar with core financial and accounting-related operations, and gain an understanding of how various corporate governance instruments may affect them. It will give you not only a sound grasp of accounting and finance, but also problem-based knowledge of the structure and fundamental relationships that exist within this subject.

Career prospects

The minor study program in Accounting and Finance will qualify you for specialized or management roles in the field of financial business management.
As a specialist in auditing, controlling, finance, accounting, financial management and investment management, you will be able to use your knowledge in consulting and auditing firms as well as companies in all kinds of industries.

Accounting and Finance is available as:

Minor program: 30 ECTS credits.
Can be combined with the following major programs:
Business and Economics  
Banking and Finance    
Business Administration    
Management and Economics