Minor Programs Offered by Other Faculties for Combination

The Master's program focuses on deepening and enhancing your understanding of your area of specialization. The Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics offers a large number of suitable minor programs for that purpose.

NF MA Students other faculties

In addition, a limited number of minor programs offered by other UZH faculties is available for selection. This allows you to combine, for instance, a major program in Business and Economics with a minor program in Law, or a major program in Informatics with a minor program in a specific scientific field.

For admission to a minor program offered by another faculty, please observe the respective faculty's requirements. In order to ensure that you have the necessary background knowledge, you might have to complete additional courses from the respective Bachelor's program for being admitted.

Overview of minor programs on offer

Consult the course catalogue and learn immediately which minor programs you can choose from. Select your degree program of choice and find a list of the minor programs to combine it with.

Course catalogue