Final Theses in OLAT

Attention this process only applies to you if your supervisor is part of the new OLAT process. Whether the process will be conducted through OLAT is a decision of the chair.

Your Professor uses the OLAT process for the final theses which is completely digital (downloading the topic and submitting the thesis). Please find all necessary information below.

Completion time and scope

The information below applies to all theses.

  Bachelor's thesis Master's thesis
Scope of thesis 18 ECTS 30 ECTS
Period for completion * 6 months 6 months


graded graded

*Plan the completion of your degree in advance, taking into consideration the published deadlines.

Registration deadlines

Registration and collection of project definition

Once you have found a supervisor for your final thesis the subsequent steps all take place in OLAT. You will receive an email from your supervisor that you have been added to the respective OLAT course and that you can now start your final thesis.

Once you have activated the link in the email and have entered the course you have one day (24 hours) time to download the topic of your thesis.


When you have selected your topic, your personal workflow in OLAT, with the binding deadline for submitting your thesis, will always be accessible for you. Please be aware that the deadline for submitting your thesis is binding.

In the manual below the entire process and all further steps you need to take are described in detail.

Manual OLAT (PDF, 960 KB)


You must submit your final thesis digitally in OLAT no later than the binding deadline (accessible in your personal workflow in OLAT).

Verspätet eingereichte Arbeiten gelten als nicht bestanden.

Please be aware that the deadline is defined to the minute precisely and this has to be adhered to.

Registration for graduation

In order to register for graduation certain deadlines apply. Please consider the information on the degree conferral dates:

Degree conferral dates

For the actual registration for graduation please still use the respective registration form on the following website:

Registration for graduation