Preparatory Steps

To help you prepare for the introduction of the new regulations as effectively as possible and create a successful plan for your studies, you need to start by answering three basic questions. This applies to all students at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics (OEC and INF).

Take some time to think about the questions below. You will need your current summary of credits to help you find the answers. Ideally, you should make a note of your answers so that you still have them to hand after you have worked through the questions.

When did I begin my current studies at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics?

This specifically refers to the semester in which you began your Master's program or the assessment level of your Bachelor's program.

You will be allocated to a scenario based on the date of your studies beginning. Your scenario will provide you with detailed information about your options and how you should proceed. Once you have answered the three questions on this page, you can look at the various scenarios on the page "How am I affected?".

What stage of my studies have I reached by the end of FS16?

Look at your summary of credits. For each level of study, consider what you have already completed by the end of FS16.

Assessment level: Have you completed the assessment level entirely by the end of FS16?
Compulsory area and compulsory modules: Have you completed the compulsory program of your studies by the end of FS16?
Core elective/elective area: What stage of your electives and core electives have reached by the end of FS16?
Bachelor's/Master's thesis: When do you plan to complete your Bachelor's/Master's thesis?

You can use this form to help you.

You can find information on compulsory and core elective modules under the previous regulations here:

Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics (assessment level: p. 18, compulsory program: p. 19)

Bachelor's degree in Informatics (available in German only; assessment level: p. 25, compulsory modules: from p. 26)

Master's degree in Business and Economics (from p. 18)

Master's degree in Informatics (p. 13)

Is it likely that I will have completed all my coursework, including my Bachelor's/Master's thesis, by the end of HS17?

It will only be possible to complete studies under the old regulations up to and including HS17. This means that you must have completed the last of the coursework for your studies during HS17 at the latest, and registered for graduation by the registration deadline in January 2018 at the latest.

We advise that you approach this question realistically and do not overestimate what you can achieve. If planning is carried out in good time, it will generally be possible to transition to the new regulations without losing any coursework.

If you are unsure whether you will manage to complete all the coursework for your studies by HS17, it is necessary to switch to the new regulations and complete your coursework on this basis.

Choose your scenario

Once you have worked through all the questions, you can now proceed on the basis of the current or planned date of your studies beginning.

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