The full list of regulations and framework ordinances is only available on the corresponding German website. On this website we only provide the English translations available. Please note that the English regulations are solely for information purposes and have no legal validity. For any case of legal proceedings the German regulations ALONE have legal validity.

Regulations (German)

Your studies at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics are based on the regulations. They contain (almost) everything you need to know with regard to your studies. Any decision the Faculty makes is based on the regulations. They include information on all topics related to studies.

Table of contents

Students are supposed to have knowledge of the regulations and contents of this website.

  • Framework ordinance: Every degree program is based on a framework ordinance approved by the Board of the University and included in the Zurich collection of laws. A framework ordinance contains the fundamental principles underlying a degree program.
  • Program regulations: Based on the framework ordinance, the Faculty sets up program regulations, detailing the provisions of the framework ordinance.
  • Fact sheets: For specific subjects, additional fact sheets may be available. They are based on resolutions of the Faculty Board and elaborate on the implementation of the specifications in the program regulations.

Current regulations

The regulations below are the foundations effective for the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics as well as for the minor programs offered to students from other faculties.

Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Business and Economics as well as in Informatics and minor program for students from other faculties (RVO16)


Doctorate in Business and Economics (PVO13)


Doctorate in Neuroeconomics (PVO10)


Doctorate in Informatics (PVO08)