Studies and Top-Level Sports

Top-level student athletes who are participating in the Olympic Games have the opportunity to request certain adjustments to their course sequence.

For Olympic Games participants only

These "studies and top-level sports" regulations do not apply to students who are also professional athletes in the sense that they receive a regular income from a career in professional sports. All students are free to undertake gainful employment alongside their studies, but doing so does not enable them to make adjustments to their studies.

Possible adjustments

The following formal adjustments may be granted upon submitting a petition. Each petition is assessed on an individual basis:

  • Deadline extensions and changes
  • Interruptions for the duration of one semester or more at assessment level
  • Module cancelations after the module booking deadline has elapsed, before the examination begins

It is not possible to make any other adjustments, as the quality of studies should remain at the same level for all students. As a result, the kinds of adjustments that are not permitted include changes to performance requirements in the course program, changes to the number of failed attempts, or changes to opportunities for repetition. Additionally, it is not possible to provide individual examination dates for specific persons.

Time for petitions

Any petitions for deadline extensions must be submitted before the deadline in question. It is not possible to consider petitions submitted after this. Please submit any petitions for adjustments to studies as early as possible.

Documents to be submitted

Petitions submitted to the examination delegate must include the following information and enclosures in particular:

  • Evidence of top-level performance in the sport (participation in and preparation for the Olympic Games)
  • Requested adjustment to studies
  • The deadline and modules in question (including the module titles and codes)
  • Evidence of the required training plan and duration of participation

The general specifications for petitions also apply. Additionally, please note the contact details on the right-hand side.

Submission of petitions

Once your petition has been assessed, we will inform you in writing of the adjustments that have been granted to you.