Suspension of Studies

In exceptional cases, assessment-level students may pursue extra-curricular activities (internships, language courses abroad, employment, humanitarian aid, etc.) during a short period of time.

Suspension of matriculation

Students who wish to interrupt their assessment level to pursue an internship, language courses abroad, employment, humanitarian aid, or similar activity may suspend their matriculation for a maximum of two semesters in accordance with
§ 23 of the admissions regulations (VZS).

A petition for suspension of matriculation must be submitted to the Student Administration Office and approved before the interruption. Participation in the extra-curricular activity must be appropriately documented. During the suspension of matriculation, the student remains matriculated, but does not pay any fees, cannot validate his or her student ID and cannot receive services.

Ordinance on admission to studies (VZS) (German only)

At the same time, a petition must be submitted to the examiniation delegate, asking that the deadline for passing the assessment level be suspended for the duration of the interruption.


Leave of absence

Students who are prevented from participating in lectures and coursework as a result of illness, pregnancy, caring for children, military service or civilian service may be granted a maximum of two years' leave of absence in accordance with § 22 of the admissions regulations (VZS). A leave of absence is not warranted in other circumstances.

A petition for a leave of absence must be directed to the Student Administration Office. During the leave of absence, the student remains matriculated and receives a valid student ID, but does not pay any fees.

A leave of absence does not release students from their obligations toward the Faculty. Relevant additional petitions (e.g., concering running deadlines) must be submitted to the examiniation delegate.


Withdrawal from the university

Withdrawal from the university is usually initiated by the student via the online semester enrollment process or, according to § 28 of the admissions regulations (VZS), by means of a written petition or personal meeting with the Student Administration Office. By withdrawing from the university, the student forfeits all rights granted with matriculation.

Important: Withdrawal from the university does not result in the suspension of deadlines (for example for requirements). Deadlines will not be suspended if you transfer to another faculty (i.e., enroll at another faculty) or leave UZH (i.e., withdraw from the University). Expiry of the deadline brings about the related consequences (e.g., exclusion from studies).