Students with Disabilities

Students who wish to submit a petition for measures to assist them with their studies due to a disability or a chronic illness must notify the UZH Disability Office well in advance. Students must resubmit a claim for compensating measures each semester.


Disability Office

The Disability Office represents the main point of contact for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. It is responsible for assessing whether, and to what extent, measures should be put in place in order to accommodate disabilities or chronic illnesses. Assessments are supported by doctor's notes, discussions, and other information. The Disability Office also offers other services. Details of these can be found on the website below, along with information on how to contact the office.

Disability Office

Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

The examination delegates at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics assess petitions for accommodating measures (such as adjustments to examination conditions). Petitions will only be processed if they are accompanied by a Disability Accommodation Request Form issued by the Disability Office. It is only possible for students to make use of accommodating measures if the examination delegates have made an official decision to grant them. Any measures that are granted are binding upon students, module coordinators, and teaching staff alike.

Binding deadlines

All petitions must be submitted by the applicable deadline. It will not be possible to grant or implement reasonable accommodations if the deadline is not adhered to.

To whom
New applications and changes to the Disability Accommodation Request Form
As soon as possible so that the faculty deadlines (refer to line 2 and 3 below) can be met. The clarification at the Disability Office can indeed take several weeks.
Disability Office
Petition to Faculty for modules with
midterm examinations and earlier final examinations
No later than three
weeks before the first
midterm examination
Petition to examination delegate
Petition to Faculty for modules without midterm examinations

During HS20: no later than
6 November 2020

During FS21: no later than
09 April 2021

Petition to examination delegate

It is particularly important that the petition to the Faculty includes the following information:

  • Module title and code
  • Examination date and time (including dates of any midterm examinations)
  • Module coordinator

The Disability Accommodation Request Form and doctor's notes must be included with the submission.

The general information on petitions also applies.

Submission of petitions

If there is no need for any changes to the Disability Accommodation Request Form during subsequent semesters, the petition can be submitted to the Faculty via e-mail, with the current modules specified. Please note the contact information in the right-hand column. All the deadlines listed above also apply to subsequent semesters.


Once we have assessed your petition, we will contact you in writing to tell you which accommodating measures are being put in place for you.

Examination conditions will be organized on the basis of the adjustments that need to be made and the locations where the examinations are taking place. The decision will set out the responsibilities that apply, and this information will be binding.