Master Info Event

Are you still brooding over which Master's program to go for? Pursuing a Master's program in Business and Economics or in Informatics at the University of Zurich offers you a broad range of opportunities: You can choose your major and minor program from a wide-ranging spectrum and combine them according to your strengths, resulting in many different perspectives for your academic or corporate career.

The digital Master Info Event provides an overview of the programs on offer:

  • Which study programs are available at Master's level?
  • How can you combine the major and minor programs?
  • What kind of perspectives do the different programs open up?

The next Master Info Event will take place on 9 March 2022.

Master Info Event (UZH-Website)

Recording Live Webinar from 10 March 2021

In the table below you will find the times when which study program was presented.

From 00:00 min Information about the admission, Stefania Muscella, Dean's Office
From 09:37 min Business Administration with Prof. Egon Franck (Part 1)
From 22:20 min Informatics with Dr. Nathan Labhart (Part 2)
From 31:05 min Banking and Finance + Quantitative Finance with Prof. Erich Walter Farkas (Part 3)
From 39:50 min Economics with Prof. David Hémous (Part 4)
From 48:40 Questions and answers