Are you still brooding over which Master's program to go for? Pursuing a Master's program in Business and Economics or in Informatics at the University of Zurich offers you a broad range of opportunities: You can choose your major and minor program from a wide-ranging spectrum and combine them according to your strengths, resulting in many different perspectives for your academic or corporate career.

The MasterDays provide an overview of the programs on offer:

  • Which study programs are available at Master's level?
  • How can you combine the major and minor programs?
  • What kind of perspectives do the different programs open up?


00:00–10:00 Informationen about the admission
10:00–19:48 Business Administration / Management and Economics with Prof. David Seidl (Part 1)
19:48–30:44 Informatics with Prof. Alberto Baccellli (Part 2)
30:44–37:38 Banking and Finance / Quantitative Finance with
Prof. Erich Walter Farkas (Part 3)
37:38–47:25 Economics with Prof. David Hémous (Part 4)
47:25–48:32 What else? Further information