Minor Degree for Students from Other Faculties

Here you will find information about graduation from your minor study program at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics.

First read the information about minor degrees in the relevant regulations (framework ordinance and program regulations).


  • Enrollment in a minor program of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics is a necessary prerequisite to have coursework actually credited toward the minor degree.
  • Not being enrolled as a student at our Faculty is permissible for a maximum of one semester without affecting the minor degree. That means that the coursework passed (and failed) in the semester without enrollment will nonetheless be credited toward the degree, if necessary.
  • Not being enrolled for more than one semester, however, results in failure to complete the minor degree. Please contact the Dean's Office immediately in such a case.
  • Only credits from modules that have been completed within the last five years may be credited toward the minor degree. Exempt from this rule are modules from a fully completed assessment level.

Basic principles applied for processing degrees

The minor degrees are processed according to the following principles:

  • The modules are credited toward the degree in ascending chronological order.
  • Surplus modules are not credited toward the minor degree.
  • If more modules than necessary were completed in a semester (usually in the last one), the modules with the better grades will be taken from this semester and included in the degree.

Deviations from these principles are only possible in exceptional cases upon written petition to the examination delegate.



If you are registered in a Bachelor's or Master's program at another faculty of UZH, you do not have to register separately with us for your minor degree. This registration takes place in the context of registering for the major degree according to the rules of your faculty.

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