Prior Studies

You began your studies at a different institution and are now planning to continue them at the University of Zurich, or you already have a degree from a different university. You would now like to clarify the cases in which credits from your prior studies can be transferred to studies at our Faculty.


Credits earned from prior studies are transferred in two steps:

  1. Online application with the Admissions Office of UZH
    UZH application and admission
  2. Submission of a petition to the Dean's Office concerning transfer of previously earned credits, including a copy of the written decision on admission.
    Petitions in writing to the examination delegate

Time of petition

  • Where credits are being transferred as an assessment level: immediately after admission to a Bachelor's study program by UZH.
  • Where credits are being transferred from the advanced level of a Bachelor's program: after the assessment level has been passed at UZH.
  • Where credits are being transferred from an existing Bachelor's degree as a minor program: after the assessment level has been passed at UZH.
  • Where credits are being transferred from Master's level: after admission to a Master's study program by UZH.

Points to note

The regulations contain the legally binding specifications governing the transfer of credits from prior studies:


Below is a summary of some key points:

  • No binding statements can be made regarding the eligibility for transfer of credits from your prior studies before you apply to study at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics. We require your official application to determine this.
  • 2/3 of ECTS credits must be earned at UZH in order to obtain a degree from our Faculty. Credits transferred from prior studies are considered external credits.
  • In principle, only credits from courses that are at the same level and are not more than 5 years old may be transferred.
  • Compulsory modules must be completed at the Faculty.
  • Individual modules that have already been used for a degree cannot be used again for another degree.
  • An assessment level can only be transferred if its content is equivalent to the Faculty's assessment level. In such cases, the assessment level is transferred either full or not at all. Partial transfer of an assessment level is not possible.
  • If you already have a Bachelor's degree from another university and now wish to pursue a Bachelor's degree at our Faculty, you may have the credits from your first studies transferred as a minor program. It is not possible to do so at Master's level.