Booking Modules

Each module must be booked via the UZH online module booking tool within the indicated module booking period and can only be dropped within this time frame. The booking also serves as the registration for the examination for this module.

Deadlines for booking modules

Fall 18 Start End
Booking and dropping modules 14.08.2018; 10:00 12.10.2018; 24:00

Attention: Be aware that deadlines for booking and dropping may deviate at other faculties.
Booking and canceling deadlines of the faculties

General procedure for booking modules

It is the students' responsibility to monitor their own bookings. This includes verifying that any actions (booking, dropping) have been successfully completed.

Module booking – Seven steps for success

  1. Mark modules from the course catalogue and print out the checklist
  2. Start booking tool and display academic coursework
  3. Search and bookmark selected modules with course number
  4. Book modules
  5. Drop module if applicable
  6. Print list of academic coursework and log out of booking tool
  7. Review your bookings/drops before the deadline indicated above.

Link to the module booking tool

Modules that cannot be booked

Some modules cannot be booked independently. The registration is made by means of a form and the actual booking is carried out by the Dean's Office. This applies to following modules:

Bachelor's and Master's theses at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Procedure and registration forms for final theses

Independent study modules at the Department of Informatics

Procedure and registration forms for independent study modules at Bachelor's and Master's level

Tutorials and teaching assistants are announced by the chairs and once completed reported to the Dean's Office that carries out the booking.

Correction of module bookings

All students who are enrolled in a major or minor degree program at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, or who have booked modules offered by our Faculty will receive an e-mail after expiry of the booking period, listing all modules that they booked at our Faculty.

For modules from other faculties the deadlines of the respective faculty apply.

Should any entries regarding modules offered by our Faculty be incorrect, you may submit a written petition for correction of these modules by 22.10.2018 at 11.30 a.m. for an administrative processing fee of CHF 50.00. Petitions must be made using the official form below, signed and submitted in person, together with the processing fee, to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics during office hours.

Please note that petitions submitted after the deadline and petitions sent by post or e-mail CANNOT be processed. Nor is it possible to extend the deadline or use any form other than the official form.

Petition to correct module bookings (DOC, 116 KB)

Office Hours of the Dean's Office