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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Informational Events

The Faculty offers the following informational events for prospective and current students.

Prospective students: Orientation days for prospective students

This event is organized by the University of Zurich. It offers the opportunity to learn about all academic programs at UZH as well as to meet representatives of the individual specializations. The Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics participates in this orientation with booths for Informatics as well as Business and Economics.

Orientation days for prospective students

Bachelor's students: Freshers' event

The freshers' event is organized by the Faculty together with the student associations of the Faculty. It takes place just before the beginning of courses and is intended to help new students get an overview of the university and their degree programs.

Freshers' event

Master's students: Master Welcome Day

The Master Welcome Day (MWD) is an informational event for new Master's students who start their degree program at the University of Zurich. This event takes place just before the beginning of courses and addresses all Master's students who are not yet familiar with the university procedures and campus facilities.

Master Welcome Day

Master's and Doctoral students: Graduate Networking Event

The Graduate Networking Event (GNE) is an evening event intended to help new Master's and PhD students to get to know members of the Faculty and fellow students in an informal atmosphere.

Graduate Networking Event

Bachelor's students: Assessment Survivors Event

The Faculty congratulates all students that passed the Assessment and cordially invites them to the «Assessment Survivors Event». In addition to information about the next steps, the Alumni Associations offer beer and Bratwurst – as well as tips for the further studies.

Assessment Survivors Event

Prospective students: MasterDays

Are you still brooding over which Master's program to go for? The MasterDays provides an overview of the programs on offer: Which study programs are available at Master's level? How can you combine the major and minor programs? What kind of perspectives do the different programs open up?


Students interested in mobility: OecMobility informational events

The events series OecMobility is designed for students at our Faculty who are interested in studying one or two semesters abroad. We usually offer an informational event about our exchange programs in fall and a workshop for students who have made up their minds at the beginning of December.