Minor Programs Offered by Other Faculties for Combination

The Bachelor's program focuses on equipping you with an education as broad as possible. Therefore, you have the opportunity to combine your major program with a minor program offered by a different UZH faculty, if you wish.

Switzerland's largest university offers a wide spectrum of minor programs, ranging from law to the social and natural sciences. This allows you to design your studies at the University of Zurich according to your own strengths and interests and purposely acquire expertise on a broad basis.

Overview of minor programs on offer

Consult the course catalogue and learn immediately which minor programs you can choose from. Select your degree program of choice and find a list of the minor programs to combine it with.

Course catalogue

Planning your studies

If you wish to pursue a Master's program subsequent to the Bachelor's program, please keep in mind – when deciding for a minor program – that not all minor programs offered by other faculties can automatically be proceeded with at Master's level. The Master's program focuses on expanding your own area of specialization. The course catalogue indicates which minor programs are on offer at Master's level:

Course catalogue

Moreover, a minor program completed at Bachelor's level does not necessarily guarantee admission to the same minor program at Master's level. In some cases, for instance, additional courses from the Bachelor's level might have to be completed for being admitted. Contact the faculty offering your minor program of choice in due time and get informed about the requirements.

Students intending to acquire the Teaching Diploma during their Master's program can ideally prepare for it during their Bachelor's program by making the right choice of minor program. You will find further information on our website:

Teaching Diploma


What next?

Are you planning to take up a Bachelor's degree program at our Faculty? Here you will find the further procedure.

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  • Changing program: You are already studying with us and have realized that you might like another study program even better.
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