Continuing Education in Business, Economics and Informatics

In addition to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics offers various opportunities for continuing education. Information about course content, target audiences and admission procedures can be found on the websites of the individual programs.

Executive MBA

The University of Zurich's Executive MBA program for professionals falls under the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics of UZH and is focused on a modern, all-inclusive consideration of management problems. It is aimed at senior executives in business, politics and administration. The program focuses on individuals who want to acquire in-depth knowledge about the overall management of a company for their current or future professional activities. This program of the University of Zurich is complemented by studies abroad in New Haven/USA (Yale University) and Shanghai/China (Fudan University).


MAS in Finance

The MAS in Finance is dedicated to people, who would like to acquire theoretically sound and practical knowledge in finance. The course deals with selected topics of finance, such as asset management, behavioral finance, corporate finance, derivative instruments, financial economics, risk management and corporate taxes. Due to the modular construction individual focuses can be set. The enhanced understanding of complex contexts and the studies of the subjects at the highest level provides the participants with the ability to take on additional responsibility after completion of the training.


MAS in Sustainable Finance

In recent years, sustainability considerations have become increasingly important in investment strategies and in the decisions of private and institutional investors alike. With the MAS in Sustainable Finance, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the area of sustainability in financial institutions and markets. Aimed at the busy finance professional, this comprehensive part-time executive program combines theory and practice to cover core aspects of sustainability in investments, banking, and corporate finance. The program comprises of compulsory core, compulsory elective and elective courses, with the choice of elective courses enabling specialization in different Sustainable Finance topics.


MAS in Real Estate

The advanced studies program in real estate falls under the Department of Banking and Finance. The degree program is aimed at motivated specialists and managers from the construction and real estate sectors and those who want to enter these fields. Current or intended professions of the program's students include: project developer, real estate investment manager, public real estate manager, corporate real estate manager, real estate appraiser, real estate financing, investment consultant, facility manager and building manager.


MAS in European and Chinese Business Management

This program offers both theoretical and on the ground insights into «doing business in China and Europe», equipping students with in-depth knowledge and competencies to be successful in a globalized world. Students from both China and Europe will mix in class, providing for an accelerated learning experience in intercultural management. Modules will be conducted by European and Chinese faculty, while guest lectures from highly qualified professionals complement the teaching. The curriculum comprises courses in general management, and courses focusing on China and Europe. All courses are held in English.


MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs are online university courses that can be accessed for free and at any time. After launching the first MOOC, hosted by a UZH member in 2013, our Faculty has further strengthened its online presence. Two recently launched MOOCs created by the Department of Banking and Finance and the Department of Business Administration aim to make basic finance and probability know-how accessible, not only to students, but to the general public too.