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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Managing People and Organizations


This cluster comprehends the research on the needed ability of both people and organizations to adapt to an ever growing complexity of their environment. By including technological, innovative and human issues, a broad and purposeful view on this development is created.

Economics of Well-Being, Culture and Human Development

Early skill development and healthcare are crucial for later educational and workplace success. However, the most critical factors for this success and the best means of facilitating their development are only beginning to be understood.


Management, Organization and Strategy

In response to environmental complexity the organizational structure and strategies of business firms are becoming increasingly polycentric, fragmented and heterogeneous.


Managing People and Education

Innovation, growth, and economic development in modern economies heavily depend on human resources, particularly in times of shrinking and aging workforces.



Marketing operates in a complex and dynamic marketplace environment. Those environmental forces influence strategic and operational decision-making processes by marketers.


People-Oriented Computing

Technology is moving away from the paradigm of computational systems employed by human users and towards a more integrated model in which people and technology contribute in tandem to real world and societal solutions.