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Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Master of Science UZH in Informatics

Universität Zürich Hauptgebäude

As a Master's student in Informatics, you can choose a major program from among the following five specializations:

Artificial Intelligence 
Computing and Economics (Applications are closed) 
Data Science 
Information Systems 
People-Oriented Computing 
Software Systems

You can choose a minor program from a large variety of options. The current list is available here:

Minor programs on offer

Throughout the course of studies, great emphasis is placed on an application-oriented approach by means of various internships, projects, case studies and tutorials.

Weiterführende Informationen

How to proceed?

You plan to pursue a Master's program at our Faculty. Information on the next steps you need to take is available here.

Application and admission: For assuming studies at our Faculty, you first need to apply to the University of Zurich.
Application and admission

Admission based on academic background: If you have a Bachelor's degree from another higher education institution, get informed about the categorization process.
Admission to the Master's program

Changing program: Being a student at our Faculty, you have come to the conclusion that another study program might fit your interests even better.
Changing program

Regulations: You will find everything you need to know about your studies in the regulations.

Questions on your program of studies: You are pursuing studies at our Faculty and have specific questions? Our academic advisors or the Dean's Office are ready to help you.