If you would like to help guide and nurture young talent and benefit from the new perspective of the next generation of academics, you are just the kind of mentor we are looking for. As an OEC member, you are the perfect person to share the knowledge and experience you have gained to help students and to support them in the early stages of their professional life and career planning.


Mentors may act as:

  • Advisors and listeners: Working with students to find answers to questions on specific situations
  • Knowledge mediator: Sharing their professional knowledge
  • Supporters: Developing a better insight into the skills and competencies of the mentee and helping to build on these areas
  • Career advisors: Discussing professional goals and career paths
  • Door openers: A first contact in the professional world
  • Pulse generator: Sharing social and professional experience
  • Practical partners: Providing an insight into the day-to-day professional life of the mentor

If you have any further questions, please contact the Program Manager in the Alumni Office:


Our mentors work for companies and organizations such as:

Accenture, Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, Boston Consulting, Bundesamt für Sozialversicherung, Detecon (Switzerland) AG, EY, hotelleriesuisse, KPMG, Migros Genossenschaftsbund, Neue Luzerner Zeitung AG, Novartis, PWC, Roche, Rothschild Bank, Schweizerische Wettbewerbskommission, Siemens AG, Swisscom, UBS, University of Zurich, Zurich Insurance, and many others.