Excellence and Responsibility

Excellence in Research: We are the leading business and economics Faculty in Switzerland and are among the best in Europe. With four disciplines under one roof – business, economics, finance, and informatics – our research achieves the highest international recognition. We are committed to plurality and develop new links among disciplines. In individual areas, we belong to the best in the world.

Learning at the Frontier of Knowledge: We provide a method-based and research-oriented education on all levels. Our students learn the methodical craft and are familiar with the latest concepts and de-velopments in their fields of study. Encouraging, promoting, and developing an attitude of lifelong learning is an important policy at our faculty.

International Competitiveness and Competence: We appoint outstanding and internationally recognized scientists as Faculty members; we create an excellent supporting environment for Faculty and students; and we nurture young talent among students and professors. In our teaching, we convey the latest research results with modern didactical means and enable our students to apply scientific skills in a competent and ethically reflected way. Our alumni work as international specialists and executives in business, politics, and research. They can compete with graduates from worldwide leading universities.

Responsibility in Business and Society: We are part of a public university with the goal to serve the people. In business and society we are known for our research expertise. We maintain strong links to regional businesses and corporate partners in public and private sectors. We train our students to reflect their role in a global economy in a responsible manner and take into account the economic, social and ecological consequences of their decisions.