The Onboarding Program gives you an overview of our Faculty’s organization, introduces you to available services, and helps you build a network with relevant stakeholders within our Faculty. The Program includes a set of meetings, which will provide valuable support also during later phases of your employment.

Onboarding at faculty level

Meet the Dean and the Head of Faculty Management and learn about:

  • The Faculty’s vision and mission, and your role within this framework
  • The Faculty’s organization and regular Faculty meetings
  • Faculty business (financial resources, professorship planning, professorial appointments)

Meet the Managing Directors of the Dean’s Office and learn about:

  • University and Faculty committees
  • Essential University and Faculty policies, and where to find them
  • Services offered by the Dean’s Office:
  a) Student affairs (responsibilities)
  b) Quality assurance and accreditation
  c) Other services (communications and events, facts and figures)

Onboarding at department level

Meet the Head of Department / Subject Representative/Mentor and learn about:

  • The Department’s vision and mission, and your role within this framework
  • Teaching duties and responsibilities
  • Research and service expectations (e.g. your contribution to department services and administration)
  • Requirements and schedule for and extension of contract (midterm review) and for promotion/appointment to a permanent professorship as well as the roles of the advisory/individual tenure committees. If the department has defined minimum standards regarding the academic prerequisites, these requirements are to be communicated to you in writing (especially if you are an AP, APTT, a FÖP or a PAP);.
  • Budgeting, income and expenditure competences, and the associated rules (e.g., assignment of resources, UZH Financial Manual, rules for investments, external funding, etc.)

Meet the Department’s Managing Director and learn about:

  • The Department’s organization and regular meetings
  • Department-specific processes for teaching and services
  • Administrative processes (e.g., regulations on reimbursement of expenses)

Progress meetings

Faculty level: Progress meetings with the Dean

(for assistant professors only)

Once a year, the Dean holds a documented progress meeting with every (externally funded)  assistant professors. The meeting covers the following aspects:

  • Review of accomplishments and career level
  • Preview of goals , accountabilities and career prospects

Department level: Progress meetings with the Head of Department /Subject Representative /Mentor

Upon request, Faculty members meet the Head of Department:

  • Progress meetings with experienced professors address strengths as well as areas that need attention. The latter are discussed to find possible solutions together

(for (externally funded) assistant professors only)

Once a year, the Mentor and the Subject Representative hold a documented meeting with every candidate in the context of career support. The meeting covers the following aspects:

  • Evaluation of progress made towards midterm or tenure review (especially regarding research, teaching, academic career development, and university services and administration)