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Karl Schmedders appointed as new head of SFI Knowledge Center

The Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) has appointed Professor Karl Schmedders as new head of its Knowledge Center. The SFI Knowledge Center’s mission is to catalyze the dialogue between practitioners and researchers, benefitting the competitive advantage of Switzerland’s financial sector.

Following a strategy review for the next phase of its development, the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) will deploy more means to connect the people who constitute the unique Swiss finance community: the professionals at the forefront of value creation and the researchers on the cutting edge of knowledge generation. To this effect, SFI has appointed Professor Karl Schmedders in the role of head of the SFI Knowledge Center as of January 2013.

Since its creation in 2006, SFI has achieved an outstanding degree of academic recognition and is ranked among the top 15 financial research institutes worldwide. This expertise is informed by practice, and practice is oriented by new findings through an ongoing dialogue between researchers and professionals. Building such an effective bridge between science and industry is the Knowledge Center’s crucial mission.

Schmedders is SFI Professor of Quantitative Business Administration at the University of Zurich, a position he will maintain since it ideally fits his role as “translator” and intermediary between science and industry. Schmedders is himself a renowned scholar. After earning his Ph.D. in operations research at Stanford University, he taught at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and has done very successful work with Swiss banking.

Professor Alfred Mettler, who was head of the SFI Knowledge Center since its creation, will continue to support the Institute in an advisory role. SFI's foundation board wishes to thank Professor Mettler for his dedicated contribution in laying the foundations for the SFI Knowledge Center.

“SFI’s global academic network and its proximity to the industry gives it a unique position to combine thought leadership and industry experience. No other banking center in the world can define its future competitive advantage in this manner, through learning. That is Swiss Finance Intelligence”, concludes Olivier Steimer, SFI’s chairman of the board.

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